Hydroel Urinary System Simulator For Surgical Practice

The urinary simulator includes kidney,ureter,bladder and urethra. It is designed for surgery like partial nephrectomy,excision of bladder tumour,cystoscopy and radical prostatectomy.
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Product Details

Product Features

The picture above is 3D modeling picture of Urinary system simulator. Based on real human abdominal CT data, the Urinary simulator is manufactured by 3D printing technology.

This simulator is composed of ureter, bladder, urethra and kidney. (other kidney model) .Renal pelvis and lower half of ureter is included in kidney model.  Different colors distinguish these organs. Different organ models of male and female is also available.

●Using modular design, all organs are assembled by custom connectors for easy replacement. The whole system adopts watertight pathway structure. 

● We can customize patient-specific model with different pathologies, like kidney stone, renal tumors , prostate tumors and so on.

● All organ models are made of special silicone and other biomimetic material, which can provide realistic surgical experience. Both exactitude and reality of the simulator have been confirmed with specialists in department of urology.

This simulator is ready for surgery:

● partial nephrectomy; 

● excision of bladder tumor; 

● cystoscopy;

● radical prostatectomy.

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