Our anatomically accurate vascular models effectively show off your device in a clinically representative situation. This enhances credibility with your customers.                                                                    

Our models are used in a variety of situations:         

     Trade shows

     In-house Presentations

     Customer demonstrations

     Customized sales aids



We are committed to designing and manufacturing advanced phantom vasculature, ethically and reliably. Our vessels are geometrically designed to withstand rigorous laboratory and field use.

We have experience working with stages of device development including:

     Initial concept

     Product development

     Physician product testing

     Manufacturing quality assurance



Our anatomically accurate vasculature models can be used for education, demonstration and training purpose.

Our vascular models are anatomical correct and excel in all cases where precise, qualified information needs to be communicated quickly and accurately.

    Physician training and demonstrations

    Technical and corporate meetings

    Workshops and professional courses