What is the wall thickness, hardness and inner diameter of your vessel?

In our ready-made vessels, the wall thickness is 1.5mm and the hardness is 20 shore A. Surely, we adjust these parameters upon your request. The inner diameter of the vessel also depends on the CT data of different patients.


If I want a custom silicone vessel, what information is needed?

You could send us CT/MRI data or hand drawing of your vessel concept. We also receive files in .DWG/.STL/.STEP/.JPG format.


What’s your advice in cleaning vessels, especially for the exceptional tortuous and complex part?

You could clean it with alcohol or Normal saline. Our vessel is corrosion - resistant and can bear high temperature up to 200 centigrades.


Silicones are rough, how do you smooth the inner wall of the vessel?

We can paint the inner wall with a coating to match the lubricity of natural vessels.

Or you could use our artificial blood, made of mixed water and lubricants.


Does your artificial blood really help?

We blend the water and lubricants with the ratio of 10 to 1. The formula has been verified by our researchers. It is compatible with our vessels.