3D printing model for surgical preparation

- Nov 07, 2017-

3D printed lifelike models for surgical preparation is being adopted by an increasing number of medical training programs. Clearly, the more practice that a surgeon can get before actually performing a procedure, the better it is for everybody. 


Lead author Dr. David Zopf of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital explained the benefits that 3D printing is bringing to the preparation of the next generation of surgeons: “3D printing is bringing a whole new meaning to hands-on experience for surgeons in training. Hands-on experience is critical for acquiring and improving surgical skills, especially of new and complex procedures. This is an exciting tool that not only offers trainees exposure to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have but that also allows them to demonstrate proficiency of skills before being performed on children.”


3D printing can accelerate and enhance surgical training.It takes years of practice to learn the technical skills. This was a very realistic experience and what’s great is you can keep printing dozens of these models at a time so you can practice over and over again.


The use of 3D printed models gives not only new surgeons practice before performance, but helps experienced surgeons maintain those skills, especially when dealing with particularly rare types of procedures that may not occur with sufficient frequency for their regular practice.  

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