3D printing model of cerebral aneurysms for medical testing

- Jan 08, 2018-

3D printing silicone models of cerebral aneurysms for medical training and testing of medical devices were constructed from CTA data of the main cerebral arteries of a human specimen. 


The aneurysm with different shapes were simulated at typical locations. Soft models were made of silicone using 3DP technique. The transparent silicone models were anatomically accurate and realistic copies of human vascular structure. These models could be connected with other testing models in a closed circuit. And an pulsatile pump for simulating endovascular enviornment is on offer.


Endovascular procedures and device deployment were performed under direct visual control. The vascular models can be visualized by DSA and direct observation. The model provides trainee surgeons with an understanding of clinical conditions. New medical devices, such as  coils, would be experimentally implanted in the model under stable conditions. These anatomically accurate and realistic models of cerebral vasculature and aneurysms are serviceable for medical testing, training, and research.

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