3D printing organ model stengthen communication between Doctor and patients

- Oct 12, 2017-

It's a common problem doctors always encountered that patients cannot fully understand the scope of their problem by having 2-dimential illustration. In order to make patients understand their situation, doctors would frequently review the CT scan or hand-drawing of the lesions, which shows little result in improved understanding.

poor communication.jpg


Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, 3D printing technique could offer a better alternative than 2-dimential and hand-drawing, that is, far more realistic model of the diseased organ.


We Trandomed can import patient’s diagnostic CT/MRI imaging into 3-D printers by using specialized software to create physical 3-D models of lesions. Organ models can be developed by using clear silicone with lesion in other colors.  The vasculature (blood vessels) are also included in the models.


It allow for visualize the lesion part.  Doctors can use the 3-D model to explain the size, location, and the intended surgical intervention to patients. Trainees, particularly those earlier in their careers, can improve understanding of the characteristics of the diseased organ. Not only can the model be used for pre-operation planning, but they can also be used during the surgery to conform the lesion.

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