3D printing technology drives medical simulation

- Dec 05, 2017-

Medical simulation is the modern way for training healthcare professionals through the use of advanced technology. 3D printing technology plays an important role in medical simulation.

Simulation allows for the safe training of learners engaging in activities that would otherwise be too dangerous to practice.  In the same fashion, during a real-life emergency a patient’s life cannot be risked to learners without the proper certification to perform possible life-saving procedures. However, the need to train healthcare professionals in the team-based communication, cognitive thinking and skills-based action necessary during such a stressful situation is vital to successful patient outcomes.


3D printing silicone technology can provide medical models and simulators for young trainees.Detailed, realistic 3D printed models of organs from actual patients help students to understand various diseases and disorders, giving them the ability to study them up close in a hands-on way. When they encounter similar disorders in medical practice, even years later, the students will already be a step ahead with diagnosis and treatment.


Trandomed 3D will try our best to provide better vascular models and organ models for medical simulation. More details, contact us at info@trando-med.com.