3D printing vascular models help training and treatment

Vascular disease is affecting the blood vessels and posing a risk to every organ in the human body. According to the authoritive institutions, cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death. Available treatments has been evolving from traditional open surgery to minimal invasive surgery. Minimal invascive surgery is done via endovascular techniques, in which catheters are threaded through the arteries to treat specific conditions. These new techniques and devices have dramatically altered the way surgons treat vascular diseases.



Surgons need to learn new skills with the development of clinical treatment. 3D printing techniques play an important role in helping surgons keep up with an ever-changing clinical environment.



With the various vascular models, surgons have another channel to acquire clinical judgment rather than just by years of experience treating patients.  frequently resulting from complications during procedures.  3D printing vascular models can also provide various disease scenarios for surgons to do the surgical rehearsal and avoid complications during the procedures.


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