3D Reconstruction and 3D Printing of Carotid Artery for Interventions

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a fabrication technique used to transform digital images into physical objects through a layer-by-layer approach.  Before printing, engineer need to 3D reconstruct the CT/MRI (DICOM files) to a STL file by software. The technology of 3D reconstruction of medical images has been playing an increasingly important role in modern clinical medicine.

custom model

Pictures below show some carotid artery image we 3D recontructed from patient's CT data. Then silicone carotid artery can be fabricated throught our patented 3D printing silicone technology. Interventionists can use the model to choose the optimal size of the stent and embolic protection device and their placement sites in carotid interventions.

        1.     3D reconstruction from CT data 1  2.  3D reconstruction from CT data 2

        3.   3D reconstruction from CT data 3   4. 3D reconstruction from CT data 4

3D printed vascular models provide the interventionist practice before the procedure and allows him/her to become ready for possible issues and complications. In this way, more accurate sizing and localization may be possible which may increase the operator expertise and decrease complication rates eventually.

Neuro Vascular Model with Aneurysm