Custom Stomach Model for A Medical Technology Company in America

- May 16, 2018-


A Medical technology company in America


● Clients need a transparent stomach model made of higher durometer silicone.

Duodenum is not need and a large diameter connecotr will be fitted at the duodenum end of stomach.


● Take silicone of Shore 40 A hardness as raw material instead of silicone of Shore 0A hardness to make the model. Previous stomach model is made of silicone of Shore 0A hardness. (See Fig 1)

● Delete duodenum part(12cm) and design the structure of reducer at the end of stomach to ensure prefect connection between connector and model. (See Fig 2)

● White support is made of resin via FDM technique to anatomically right position. (See Fig 3)


                                                            (Fig 1)


                                                           (Fig 2)


                             (Fig 3)