Endovascular enviornment simulation for neuro interventional procedure

- Jan 13, 2018-

The rapid evolvement and wide use of neuro interventional procedures have fuelled the demand for new training program for the trainees to efficiently perform these procedures. 3D printed silicone vascular models are one of the useful ways to train young interventionists to enhance the basic surgical skills. 


Trandomed 3D can simulate the endovascular environment by creating a closed circulation circuit composed with silicone vascular model and pulstile pump.5,6,7 Fr catheter can smoothly pass through the femoral artery. The pulsatile pump can control the flow rate, pulse frequency and fluid temperature in human body.

guide wire pass through vessel.gif

Trainees can handle the device and improve their manipulation techniques on the vascular model instead of a patient, strictly following the technical principles of interventional neuroradiology. 

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