Medical simulator and vascular model by 3D printing for surgical training

What's the applied area for the medical simulator? Cardiovascular disease, and vascular disease are prevalent conditions affecting millions of individuals across the globe.Depending on the severity, changes in the life style, i.e, diet and increased exercise, or the use of drugs may be helpful.But in situations where the options will not work or where the disease is severe, surgical intervention remains the primary tool.    


Why we need the medical simulator ? While vascular surgical procedures are safer than ever, complex vascular surgical procedures can result in collateral damage to the patient.Surgeons without enough experience in performing vascular disease procedures cannot complete such surgical procedure with fewer complications.While senior surgeons may find it difficult to obtain the necessary experience needed as the new procedure are developed.Therefore training devices for practicing various surgical procedures have been used by surgeons to improve skills and are known in the art.




What kind of medical simulator we can offer? The EVS system manufactured by Trandomed is made of silicone formula, which is close to real human arterial elasticity coefficient.It was equipped with control system to simulate the heart beating and blood circulation in a cardiac surgery treating environment. Visualization system is also avaiable.We also can offer other vessel model for neuro vessel ,cardio-thoracic vessel, abdominal vessel and limbs vessel.

 创导14.jpg 创导17.jpg

These kind of training device can provide a realistic environment for the simulation of endovascular procedures, pre-surgery planning, studies and teaching purpose. It will be widely used in medical filed in the future. 


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