New 3D printing organ model Trandomed 3D is on offer

3D printed anatomical models have been proven being benificial to the improvement of medical procedures. By planning and practicing an operation on a perfect 3D printed models of a patient’s organ, surgeons can take less time on surgery and patients take less time on recovery. 


Trandomed can provide 3D printing silicone vascular and organ models, created from CT and Mri scan data. They looks exactly like patients' individual organs. We can also provide 3D printed model made of other biomimetic material, which is not only replicas in the visual sense, but also more useful in reacting the way an actual organ will react durin surgery. Following pictures are some some new 3D printed models.


The uterus model feel like real uterus and have the same mechanical properties. You can put sensors that provide feedback to let surgeons know how much pressure they can apply without tissue damage. 

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