Realism silicone models from Trandomed 3D Inc

- Dec 13, 2017-

Trandomed can manufacture models that mimic the complexities of heart and bone structures and vascular anatomy. Combining 3D printing technology with new materials and processing parameters, these functionally accurate replicas eliminate a number of today’s limitations in medical training, research and testing. 


We can produce models with highly detailed complexities, from intricate microstructures to melded soft and hard textures within a single model. This realism allows users of medical models to break free from the approximations of human anatomy offered by animal anatomies (different from human) and the lack of “live-tissue feel” found in highly processed cadavers. Moreover, a silicone model can include the details of a real-world, imperfect or diseased pathological system.


Users either provide an STL model of the structure in question or data from a CT scan or MRI, and Trandomed engineers will use that as guidance for defining the optimum, specialized modeling desgin. This help silicone printer to print with silicone with specific characteristics, at every location in the build file, generating model-specific color, texture and density.

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