Silicone Vascular Model—— Another Option to Improve Your Surgical Skills

- Aug 24, 2017-

Chinese Stoke Association(CSA) pointed out that stroke has been the first cause of death in China. It is also reported by Global Epidemiology that 3 out of 4 patients having a stroke suffer disability in varying degrees.


A stroke is a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. It can happen to anyone at any time. There are two types of stroke, hemorrhagic and ischemic. Ischemic strokes account for about 87% of all strokes. Especially the ischemic stroke occurred in the brains larger arteries will lead to high incidence, high disability rates, high mortality and high recurrence rate.


The traditional therapy is alteplase IV r-tPA, but it gets some limitations: cannot dissolve the big clot; needs to be used within 4.5 hours of having a stoke and thrombolytic drug may lead to bleeding of brain or other organs. Therefore the most advanced mechanical thrombectomy is another strongly recommended treatment option.



Doctors thread a catheter though lower limb artery, often femoral artery up to the blocked artery in the brain. The stent opens and grabs the clots, allowing doctors to then remove the stent with the trapped clot. This therapy will release patients from suffering of Craniotomy and buy time for revascularization.



Giving consideration to emergency case, sophisticated doctors always do the main job while young doctors observe and assist. Or they do the practice by computer-based training simulator, which is virtual and cannot have accurate force feedback. Both seem not so effective.


We can provide a better training option---3D printed vascular model.


The vascular model is manufactured based on real human CT scanning data, ensuring the high conformity to the structure and dimension of real vascular, which provide clinical scenario for catheter guide wire demonstration and operation exercises.

intracranial vascular 标注.jpg


We take the special silicone formulas as the raw material with its elasticity (1.5MPa~2.5MPa) close to that of human vascular, which can simulate the real operation experience and provide accurate reflection.



If necessary, we can equip the model with pump system to simulate the pulse and blood circulation and control the blood temperature, pressure, blood flow and other parameters to adds to the realism of interventional procedure simulation.

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