The application of 3D printing in Medicine

3D printing has made an exciting impact in the medical world—from being used for organ regeneration and pre-operative surgical planning, to research in tissue design and an advanced educational tool—its possibilities are endless. Currently the main applications of 3D printing in Medicine have been focused on pre-operative visualization and planning, surgical training and patient education.

 In our company, Trandomed team is utilizing two different printing technologies—both hard and soft models. Using hard models we can affordably and rapidly produce a variety of 3D printed skeleton or organ model which can be used to train medical students and residents on how to visualize CT imaging. They can touch and observe the physical representation of the imaging which we believe will help with their understanding of anatomical structure of patient imaging.

We are also developing patient-specific soft 3D printed vascular modelsin collaboration with researchers in Xi'AN Jiaotong University.These models can be surgically manipulated to perform a pre-operative rehearsal for difficult vascular diseases and the demonstration and practice of interventional procedure for residents.

The possibilities of 3D printing in Medicine is endless. If you need any customized models, contact us at