The Benefits of 3D Printed Pre-Surgical Medical Models

- Aug 30, 2017-

Based in Ningbo, China, Trandomed 3D inc uses a patient’s unique CT and MRI scans to create an exact replica as a 3D printed modelDoctors can now study highly accurate 3D models of a patient’s organs.


These 3D reproductions help medical specialists diagnose ailments, plan for surgery, provide education to the patient, and more. 


Every customized medical model from Trandomed 3D are highly accurate and specific to each patient, offering surgeons unprecedented insight beyond conventional 2D patient scan data.  Then surgeons can more accurately diagnose and determine treatment for that patient and in some cases completely change the course of treatment with the additional information given from the model.


3D models make a huge difference. Custom 3D modeling is transforming every step of the doctor-patient interaction. More infomation, contact us at