The characteristics of silicone vascular model

When it comes to silicone, most of us are familiar to it. You can find silicone prodcuts in many industry. But as a printable material, silicone is not so weell-known. This is because silicone cannot simply be heated up and printed into shapes the same way that thermoplastics or metals are.

Trandomed has developed a completely different 3D printng technique to print silicone. As you can see from our website, 3D printed silicone vasscular model is our speciality.These models have virtually smooth surfaces and are heat resistant and transparent.


The vascular model is very transparent, easy for obeserving the location and status of medical devices.

the elasticity of vessel model.gif

From above Gif, you can see the elasticity of our vascular model. It's very durable.

guide wire pass through vessel.gif

The guide wire can smoothly pass through the vascular.

stent release.gif

The stent slowly release inside the vascular and aneurysm.

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