The importance of 3D printing model in Medicine

- Oct 19, 2017-

Currently 3D printing can produce models and parts for many industries. From medical models to automotive components and parts. We have introduced the use of 3D printing to surgical planning. Surgeons can plan, perform and perfect surgery on a 3D printed medical model, which can offer more benefits than actual procedure. It directly reduces complications and surgery time patients spend on the operating table, improving the success rate. 


The reason why 3D printing excels in medicine is that every patient requires a high level of customization because no one body is the same.  Surgeons have been able to observe 3D models from any angle for surgical planning. 

In many medical college, 3D printed medical models are applied in the training of the surgeons of tomorrow.  Having a 3D printed model that accurately represents the affected area greatly improves the ability to precisely convey surgical procedures to students.  Trandomed's 3D printed models in multi-material and color provide the surgeons the access to realistic replicas of the affected areas.


Beyond surgical guides, we are beginning to see 3D printed models being put directly into medical device R&D.

3D printing is one of the most disruptive technologies that truly have the potential to change medicine and healthcare by making care affordable, accessible and personalized. 

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