Trandomed 3D can provide testing service for your intervetional device

With the development of medical technology, minimally invasive surgery, compared with traditional surgery, has been a trend in surgical for its clear quality of less surgery trauma, less hemorrhage, less complication and short procedure time.


Guidewire plays an important role in minimally invasive surgery, because it can almost reach all body parts and organs. They are designed to navigate vessel to reach a target lesion, after that, it acts as a guide that other devices can rapidly follow for easier delivery to the treatment site. Therefore, doctors can perform the surgery by in vitro manipulation of the guidewire.


Unfortunately, it was reported that some guidewire products were complained and recalled in 2016 for some defects, like the soft tip of guide wire fell off, the coating separate from the packing, etc. These potentially cause serious injuries and death to patients. It rings alarm bells for all medical-equipment manufacturers to arrange pre-market testing and safety evaluation as complete as possible.


WeTrandomed 3D can provide customized silicone vascular models and individual testing service.


Our vascular models are manufactured based on real human CT/MRI data through 3D printing technique, which can reproduce the complexity of vasculature with high accuracy. It can be used to test the flexibility of guidewire by checking if it can pass through tortuous vessel and collateral vessel.


We can customize the common pathologic structures, like cerebral aneurysms and stenosis upon your request to test if the guide wire is too soft to pass the lesion or so hard that it may perforate the vessel.



If needed, pump system can be equipped to the vascular model to simulate the realistic blood flow, pressure, temperature and other features. We usually use it to test the support of guidewire as it must be quite stable in diseased vessel as the transporting track of balloon and stents.


For other interventional devices, like heart valve and stents, we have other models and testing service. More information, contact us at