Trandomed 3D offers variety of 3D printed models

- Oct 24, 2017-

With the development of 3D printing technology, the use of 3D printed medical model for pre-surgical planning and rehearsal has become commonplace, especially for those high fidelity simulations, which cannot be done due to strict animal protection laws and barriers. 

3D printing can rapidly create variety of anatomical models that are ideal for surgical simulations.  Medical models can be made from our database or from patient specific scans.They are created in a variety of materials to suit the purpose and to access more surgical skills.     

201710241041366198966 (1).jpg

Trandomed Inc excels for its silicone 3D printing capabilities offering the highest level of realism in many organ and vascular simulations. The models can be modified to suit customers’ needs and have the advantage of being able to be provided in small numbers as required.     


 In the Gastroscope model, for example, the oral cavity, esophagus and stomach are created in a range of silicone densities and colors to match those in the body. The tumor, ulcer and polypus are created in contrasting density of silicone to allow clear view.The laparoscope can be placed in the simulator for inspection.       


The models currently present in Trandomed's website are examples of the simulation and training devices that can be provided. We are also able to work with clients to design and produce new models to fit each simulation requirement. We Trandomed will continue to develop new and improved materials for the models. Further information on availability and pricing, contact us at