Trandomed 3D provide 3D printed silicone vascular model for OCIN2017

- Nov 02, 2017-

Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology 2017(OCIN) was successfully held in Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center. About 2000 doctors and 100 scholars from all over the world came all the way to shanghai to share the advanced operation technique and standard in the field of interventional neuroradiology.        


20 special topic lectures (including cross-continental live surgery) were presented, which covered the interventional treatment of several cerebrovascular diseases, like endovascular aneurysm, complex vascular pathology, intracranial artery stenosis, extracranial artery stenosis and acute ischemic stroke. 


In 27th of Oct, participants heatedly discussed the safety of endovascular aneurysm stenting and RCTs of endovascular aneurysm coiling. Then they focused on advanced concept and device for interventional procedure, like new type flow-direct catheter and embolic device.  For this topic lecture, we particularly displayed our cerebrovascular modelwith detailed aneurysm, as shown below. Coil was delivered to treat aneurysm and the blocking effect could be observed from the screen.


The next day participants mainly analyzed essentials of endovascular therapy for acute ischemic stroke and the research trend of next generation clot-removal device. We Trandomed offered 3D printing silicone vascular modelto simulate the endovascular stenting procedure, which was highly praised by onlooking doctors.        


With the development of brain science, all new type drug, medical devices and diagnostic techniques for cerebrovascular disease must go through countless test before going public. Trandomed 3D Inc. will try our best to design more realistic and accurate vascular models to push forward cerebrovascular interventional procedure.

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