Trandomed 3D silicone vascular

Based on proprietary silicone formulas, Trandomed 3D silicone vascular is fabricated through a patented 3D printing process with proprietary silicone formulas.  Highly transparent and tear-resistant features are ideal for demonstrating and practicing the interventional surgery.

Main Features

  • It can reproduce human blood vessel structure and inside dimension with high accuracy. It covers a large variety of arterial and venous vascular.


we accept all raw CT and MRI scanning data to customize various pathological structures, such as aneurysm or stenosis , which can be used for practicing coil placement and stent implanation.


It is filled with blood-mimicking liquid. Lubricants can be added in the liquid to provide a smooth surface.

  • We also offer Pump system to simulate the pulse and blood circulation and control the blood temperature, pressure, blood flow and other parameters.

  • 201707241755142745161.jpg

we have many classical structures as shown below, if you need some special model, just contact us at



                                                                     embeded coronoary artery