Trandomed is offering medical modeling service via 3D printing silicone technology

3D printing technology makes it possible to present the full insight-potential of a physical part. There’s nothing like holding, turning and viewing a real-world sample to give someone a deeper understanding into an intricate part or device. And if that part happens to be ahuman organ or anatomical structure, the importance of a lifelike model goes up dramatically.

Transparent 3DP  stomach model.jpg

Usually we use materials like metal, ceramic and plastic to make a 3D printing medical model. Such physical models, replicating both interior and exterior human anatomy, are extremely useful for training and educating medical professionals, or serving as test platforms for device manufacturers. However, they often lack unique details and material authenticity.

carotid bypass surgery simulation.jpg

3D printing silicone technology is changing all that. Apart from patient-specific models, which already help doctors visualize and plan the steps of difficult surgeries, another aspect of 3D printing models is emerging: that of medical models with realistic material properties, serving as tools for researchers, educators and medical-device manufacturers. We Trandomed are offering medical-modeling service to meet this demand.

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