Trandomed offer 3D printing coronary vascular model for coronary stent testing

- Sep 12, 2017-

Coronary arteries are blood vessels that deliver blood supply to the heart for its nourishment and oxygen needs. The factors like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, old age, sedentary lifestyle and so on will lead to coronary stenosis.  If your coronary arteries narrow, they can't supply enough oxygen-rich blood to your heart, then chest pain (angina) , shortness of breath, heart attack even death will happen.


For patients who suffer the coronary stenosis severely, the most common treatment is angioplasty(percutaneous coronary intervention) and bypass surgery. Because of the high risk and trauma of bypass surgery, angioplasty is more recommended, in which a surgeon inserts an unfilled balloon into the clogged area via radial or femoral artery and uses an instrument to fill the balloon with air.  A stent is then inserted to reinforce the expanded area of the artery and prevent another collapse.


While stent failures happen sometimes. Like, the tensile strength of stent is not enough; the stent cannot pass through the vascular track; stent fracture and so on. A perfect stent should be excellent in flexibility, traceability, radiopadcity, biocompatibility, antithrombus, resistance and the like. But until now, the stent having all these characters is nonexistent. Researcher is striving positively to optimize the present stent.


We Trandomed is ready for serving for stent testing and securement. One of our main products——the 3D printed silicone coronary vascular model, made of special silicone formulas, is particularly designed based on real human CT/MRI data, reproducing the structure and dimension of coronary artery. If needed, we can equip it with Pump system to simulate the real vascular environment by adjusting blood flow, pressure, temperature, pulse and other parameters. We can also provide simplified coronary stenosis structure for special research.


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