What 3D Printing Models Can Do for Surgery?

- Oct 26, 2017-

Anatomical models are able to be printed in multiple colors and materials, which is necessary for healthcare professionals to differentiate the different elements of the anatomical model and to feel a difference when cutting into the different components of the model.    


The major trend in the healthcare industry is to improve the quality of care through personalized medicine and minimally invasive procedures. There are numerous structural heart treatments now that can now be performed through endovascular procedures, which use the body’s blood vessels as the access points for medical devices. The uses of endovascular procedures are less risky than open-heart surgery but the procedure requires extreme precision and accuracy.  


We Trandomed can develop realistic models of the human body, which surgeons then use to practice upcoming procedures. We also can print vascular models, which enable surgeons to familiarize themselves with how blood vessels within the body will behave during procedures.Therefore reduce the risk of complications during the actual surgery. If the failure occurred during the surgery, complications could have arisen that could have put the patient’s life at risk.   


3D printed patient specific anatomical models are increasing the quality of care in the healthcare industry. We will try our best to make the models more life-like and to increase the speed in which the models can be printed. Further infomation,contact us at info@trando-med.com.