What 3D printing models can Trandomed 3D provide?

- Nov 03, 2017-

3D printing is emerging as a major trend in health care. To keep pace with complex modern challenges, hospitals and medical manufacturers are using it to work faster, test more thoroughly and personalize care like never before.

Surgically speaking, throughout the history of training doctors, the most common method has been peer-to-peer or mentor-to-peer, using such elements as animal models and cadavers, 3D printing changes this relationship because now, for example, you have the ability to replicate a patient with a complicated problem.


Medical applications of 3D printing  in Trandomed can be categorized into three groups: (1) organ models, (2) vascular model  (3) surgical simulator.


As the leader in 3D printing in China with deep expertise, Trandomed 3D introduces its Medical Innovation Series, created for physicians, medical device designers and clinical educators.

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