What 3D printing technology can do for Medicine?

3D printing technology has really responded to the needs of medicines.  3D printing makes it possible to develop life-like models of the human anatomy.  Trandomed 3D uses patient data to mimic features of human vascular model and emulate the touch and feel of human organ.        


Trandomed 3D has created a replica of a human full body artery system practicing minimally invasive techniques;a human foot for teaching emergency orthopaedic care; and an anatomically correct replica of an huamn’s digestive system for testing gastroscopy devices. 3D printing is making an immediate impact in the lives of physicians and medical students.


One of the biggest advantages of these models is preventing errors from occurring on real patients, and allowing clinicians, attending physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals to   refresh their medical techniques and learn new skills in a safe learning environment, resulting in better care for patients.

More details, contact us at info@trando-med.com.