What is the benefits of 3D printing medical model?

- Oct 18, 2017-

3D printing models are created by taking CT scan and MRI of desired part of body. These 3D printed medical models can be helpful in a number of ways.


First, they can be used to show a patient what exactly is wrong with their heart, liver, or whatever body part is causing them trouble. 

Second, they can also help out the doctors themselves. High-resolution 3D printed medical model gives more information than an ordinary 2D radiograph. Surgeons can can analyses the defected part from any angle virtually or physically by these models so that they can reach a much more comprehensive understanding of their patient’s injuries.


Then they can use such models as “practice” organs when preparing for an operation, feeling the model in their hands and getting a literal “feel” for where they will need to make incisions. It decreases the chance of error and reduces the rate of complications and infections. More over it decrease the time of real surgery as surgeon is already used to it.


These 3D printed medical models help the doctor and surgeons get more information about the trauma or infection. Helping them see the problem clearly will build more trust between the doctor and the patient. It translates into quicker action.

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