What's the benefit of surgery model ?

There is no doubt that like other skill, people need to improve their surgery skill with practice.  But what is shocking is the lack of good training models.  For example,let us consider interventional intravascular embolization, the main training methods available is using computer-based simulations, but computer-based simulations cannot truly mimic the feedback surgeons get when performing a real surgery.

Due to the limitations of current practice models, young surgeons often learn key skills on the job, typically under the supervision of an experienced surgeon. When inexperienced surgeons perform interventional procedures, their patients can suffer higher rates of complications, longer surgery times, and longer recovery times.The condition indicates the dire need for improved training methods that allow surgeons to improve their skill before operating on patients. 

These observations motivate us here at Trandomed 3D to create surgery models that improve the healthcare system. Now we provide silicone vascular models with an array of pathologies and abnormalities, presenting young surgeons with many actual case studies. By giving trainee life-like vascular to practice on, training programs could ensure that they are proficient before operating on patients.

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