Coronary Artery Model for Catheterization Procedure

Embedded Coronary Model
Model:        XX004D
Material:      Transparent silicone
Size:            Customised 3d printing
Brand:         Trandomed,OEM,ODM accepted
Lead time:   7-10 days
Port:             Ningbo, China
Payment:     T/T, Alipay, PayPal, L/C

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Product Details

Above picture show the Embedded Coronary Model which is 3D printed based on CT/MRI data from actual patient.

● It contains the major vascular from femoral artery to aortic artery. 

● Left & right coronary system are embedded on a arylic heart base.

●Coronary system can also be detached from heart base and replaced with other specifications of coronary model. 

All of our vascular model is physican verified and applied to clinical procedures training, medical device demonstration, testing and research purposes. If you are looking for a custom vascular model, plz kindly send CT/MRI image, CAD designs or simple drawings to us at

Shipping methods



1. Do not let sharp objects come into contact with your vessel.

2. Take precautions when using our SLIP solution, its lubricious properties can present a slipping hazard if spilled.

3. If not properly cleaned after use, the vessel may develop a cloudy appearance.

4. After prolonged periods of time,the silicone may develop a yellow tint.

5. Trando 3D will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage to persons or property through use of any of our product.

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