3D Printed Silicone Vena Cava Heart Model

3D Printed Silicone Vena Cava Heart Model

Vena Cava Heart Model
Model:        XX-001J
Material:      Transparent silicone
Size:            Customised 3d printing
Brand:         Trandomed,OEM,ODM accepted
Lead time:   7-10 days
Port:             Ningbo, China
Payment:     T/T, Alipay, PayPal, L/C

Product Details

Picture below show Vena Cava Heart Model, which is 3D printed based on CT/MRI scan data of actual patients.

● It contains the major veins of human body, including head & neck veins, arm veins, superior & inferior vena cava, iliac and femoral veins.

● Right atrium and ventricle are included.

● Transparent acrylic platform.

All of our vascular model is physican verified and applied to clinical procedures training, medical device demonstration, testing and research purposes. If you are looking for a custom vascular model, plz kindly send CT/MRI image, CAD designs or simple drawings to us at info@trando-med.com



For regular cleaning

1. Run cold or warm soapy water through your vessels

For deep cleaning:

1. Run a compatible solvent through your vessel and flow pump system for a few minutes.

2. Rinse your vessel thoroughly with clean water.

3. Remove endcaps and gently shake any excess water out. Allow vessels to dry before reattaching endcaps.

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