Vertebral Basilar Vascular Training Simulators/nerve Blood Vessel/cerebral Surgery in Medical Education

Vertebral Basilar Model
Model: SJJ005D
Material: Silicone
Size: 200mm*100mm
Brand: TrandoMed
Port: Ningbo, China
Payment: T/T
Lead time: 7-15 days

Product Details


Above picture shows the Vertebral Basilar Vascular Model, which is 3D printed based on CT/MRI scan data of actal patient. 

● It contains the vertebral artery, basilar aretry and arteria cerebri posterior. 

● Aneurysm or stenosis structure at designated location upon your request. 

● Transparent acrylic platform and silicone base.

●It can be seamlessly attached to another models, like Aorta model through the standard Y-connectors.

All of our vascular model is physican verified and applied to clinical procedures training, medical device demonstration, testing and research purposes. If you are looking for a custom vascular model, plz kindly send CT/MRI image, CAD designs or simple drawings to us at


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