TAVR Simulator (Demo Version)

TAVR Simulator (Demo Version)

TAVR Simulator (demo version)
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TAVR Simulator

Picture above shows TAVR simulator, which includes silicone vascular model, pulsatile pump, pressure chamber, temperature chamber and pressure monitor.


The vascular model is 3D printed based on real CT data for physiological fidelity. 

It includes a full aorta down to femoral artery, featuring left ventricle and aortic valve.

The aortic valve can be detached from aorta and replaced with other aortic valve model.

Fig.4 Mini Pulsatile Pump P-110

We equip a pulsatile pump for the vascular model to simulate endovascular environment.

It can function as heart and drive aortic valve open and close.

aortic valve

Different aortic valve models (healthy or calcification; stenosis or regurgitation) can be attached to vascular model for more usage scenario.

We also have other accessories.

Pressure chamber :             to simulate vascular compliance

Temperature chamber :      to store and heat fluid

Pressure monitor:               to monitor tranvalvular gradients

Endoscope:                         to monitor the aortic valve movement

Camera:                               to observe operation procedure

TAVR Simulator.png

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