Aortic Dissection Model Is Highly Praised By Medtronic Training Center

In 6th of December of 2018,  our newly-designed aortic dissection simulator have been given a test of stent graft system in Medtronic, Inc (Shanghai). All surgeons lavished praise on our silicone model. 


Medtronic, Inc is one of our loyal clients. One month ago, they put an order of aortic dissection model to test their newly-developed stent graft system. After several communication, we proposed a solution as following.

1) select CT data of aortic dissection from our data base and do 3D reconstruction

2) taking silicone of Shore 40A hardness as raw material, very transparent and moderate soft

3) fix the model in acrylic box for anatomically right orientation

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After testing, surgeons were very satisfied with this model and said it integrated high physiological fidelity, good dissection structure and texture. They also made a suggestion to incorporate aorta model to pre-operative rehearsal and surgical training system to help improve surgical skill and shorten operation time.



Other aortic model

Aorta 300x500        颅内血管测试模型-主动脉弓异常 300x500

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