Education Conference On PCI Standardized Operation

Education Conference On PCI Standardized Operation

                                                                                                  ——Fueled by Modular Vascular Simulator from Trando

Recently, a professional and innovative education with the theme of PCI standardized operation has been successfully held by FUWAI Cardiovascular Hospital, Chinese academy of medical sciences in Beijing on July 5.


This meeting mainly focused on the topic of surgical methods and stent selection in bifurcation lesions, which is deciphered by Director Shubin Qiao and his professional team with classic case study. Bifurcation coronary artery lesions account for about 25% of PCI, and due to the uniqueness of each bifurcation lesion, its treatment methods and clinical prognosis are also different.


 Joe is the host of the opening speech

In the meeting, Director Jingang Cui and Fenghuan Hu from CHD center introduced the basic points of operation of bifurcation lesions, common surgical methods and shared related cases. By introducing Definition study, director Jingang Cui further explained the application of double stent technique and the surgical method selection strategy for left main bifurcation lesions.


Director Jingang Cui and Fenghuan Hu shared special topics

Bifurcation lesion has been a hot topic in the field of PCI. In the 2018 guidelines, the original Chinese surgical method "dk-crush" was recommended for the first time. It was also in this year's guidelines that the FFR functional evaluation method was not included in the IA recommendation for the assessment of LAD bifurcation lesions. As interventional surgeons, they should pay attention to update their own therapeutic concepts, learn new techniques and master surgical skills in practice.


Research and development of various types of coronary artery diseases

Trando was invited to showcase its MVS system (all kinds of coronary artery disease: coronary bifurcation, coronary stenosis, etc.), flat coronary simulator and other related coronary simulator. Trando’s force sensor devices also made its debut.

Pushability force sensor is composed of two parts, the bottom for the sensor control box, containing sensor and its matching control circuit boards and various components; the top for a tray installed on the sensor's center of gravity with a clamping mechanism to fix the model on tray.

The sensor has a comprehensive accuracy of 0.1%F.S. and a resolution of g (g). It can measure the forces in the directions of X, Y and Z, and transmit the data to the computer software through the data acquisition device, and then calculate the resultant force, which is the push force of the guide wire. The software interface displays the value of pushing force in the form of numerical display and curve drawing.

The operating software can process data and display it on the screen through digit and curve. Operator's operation time can be synchronously recorded, and push force can be real-time decided. If it close to or achieve risk value, the software will give an alarm prompt. Data storage and statistics can also be finished on the software. It provide the doctors with visual practical teaching tools to learn the standardized operation of coronary artery PCI treatment and accurately demonstrate the morphological changes of coronary artery stenosis degree for the present trainees. The director of experts from Fuwai hospital carried out the simulated training and give great praise. The sponsor expressed the hope that all of you could further understand the surgical strategies of acute myocardial infarction and the classic surgical methods of bifurcation lesions through the innovative surgical methods provided by the initiator.


Conference simulator operation site

Modular Vascular Simulator (MVS) is a Modular Vascular Simulator designed for vascular intervention. Its vascular structure is based on the data of CT and MRI to reconstruct the real human vascular model. The vascular material is soft silicone, which is highly biomimetic and applicable. Besides, there are abundant vascular pathological models, which can be easily replaced.(coronary heart disease intervention includes biforked lesions, left main artery lesions, CTO lesions, acute myocardial infarction, etc.) special lubricating fluid is filled into the blood vessels through circulation pump, so as to achieve the simulation and biomimetic effect of the blood vessels of the system, which is used to demonstrate catheter insertion and to simulate operation exercises.


After the meeting, specialist in Fuwai gave high recognition on Trando’s product and promised to continue our cooperation to develop more professional simulator. We are looking forward to the next phase of the PCI standardization operation, professional innovation education seminar together again!