Modular Vascular Simulator


Modular Vascular Simulator (referred to as MVS ), is a systemic simulator for endovascular interventional procedure.

The vascular model is 3D printed based on real CT/MRI data for physiological fidelity. Taking silicone of Shore 40A hardness as raw material to make sure realistic haptic feedback.

               血管1    血管2

Considering MVS’s versatility, we made a serial of coronary lesion model, which can be seamlessly attached to coronary artery.

1.  CTO lesion made of glial material;

2.  Calcification block made of special material;

3.  Common Duke bifurcation lesion;

4.  stenosis lesion in different location and severity.




A recycle pump is equipped to pump artificial blood and lubricants in vascular model and to mock a circulation loop.



We embedded light system into the support box. After connecting to power, you could turn on or turn off the light display.When turn on the light, the vascular looks more transparent, good for observing the device and minimizing any casts.



Adopting modular design enchance the function expansibility and field adaptablility of the MVS. Neuro vascular model and peripheral vascular model can be connected to NVS for more usage scenarios.