TrandoMed Cooperated with Johnson & Johnson to Boot World’s Interventional Operation Development

Under the guidance of WFNS, ACNS,the Third Shaolin International Neurosurgical Conference & the Sixth Central China Cerebrovascular Diseases Forum were successfully held in Zhengzhou city, China from Nov.6 to Nov.8, 2020.

As one of the most trustworthy strategical partner,TrandoMed was warmly invited by Johnson & Johnson China Ltd. to engage in their new product trade show organized within the conference hall, in order to facilitate the world’s intervention operation development and strength amicable friendship with JNJ,TrandoMed bought its one of the most cutting- edge inventions -EVT (systemic vascular interventional surgery training system) which is composed of main vascular system of full body, simulation DSA imaging software system, compatible pulsatile pump and PMU as well ass other supporting devices.This system could be applied to neural intervention training, coronary intervention training, aortic nonintervention training and peripheral artery intervention training.


For better marketing JNJ’s microguide wire, JNJ specially reserved a large exhibition hall and invited engineers with EVT from TrandoMed ahead of the trade show . During the conference, all the meeting attendees and exhibition participants paid high attention to TrandoMed’s EVT which was utilized with micro-catheter , countless medical specialists and clinicians from different famous hospitals have successfully experienced arterial embolectomy on Trandomed's EVT, and they all felt surprised at EVT shown at exhibition stand for its high performance and practicability.


it is reported that the cooperation between JNJ and could date back to several years ago, nowadays people always like to say, where is JNJ, and where there will be the shadow of TrandoMed, up to now,TrandoMed has attended several influential global exhibitions with its EVT and other new inventions ,in cooperation with JNJ.Looking to the future,TrandoMed firmly believe that it’s Trandomed’s unshakable primary mission to constantly facilitate the technical innovation and Trandomed has its obligation to let the light of technology illuminate every corner of our world, and it’s also a Trandomed’s duty to make the world people benefit from its new product.