Ningbo Trando Show Up Its Silicone Models In CFCVD

Ningbo Trando show up its silicone models in CFCVD


China Forum of CerebroVascular Diseases (CFCVD), the most influential academic activity in the field of cerebrovascular disease treatment in China, is co-hosted by Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, China International Neuroscience Institute and Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases.  

This annual event is now in its 16th year in Beijing from April 26th to 28th. The topics of this forum includes intracranial stent, aneurysm blood flow guidance, AVM, carotid artery disease, thrombectomy, severe disease, nursing, etc. In the main venue, the latest and hottest theme will be presented; The themes is explained in aspect of technology, difficulties and arguments in sub-venue.


Ningbo Trando 3D was invited to participate in this forum, carrying our newly developed Modular Vascular Simulator (MVS), standard Neuro Vascular System I, embolism model, aneurysm model and pulsatile pump.


The Modular Vascular Simulator (MVS) is a systematic simulator for vascular intervention development.

  • Fully electric control system, simulating the effect of C-arm;

  • Equipped with 1080P full HD camera, automatic focusing;

  • 1:1 reproduces the spatial structure and inner diameter of blood vessels in human body;

  • High bionics and applicability;

  • Contains more complete human vascular structure (Intracranial-coronary-abdominal and peripheral arteries);

  • provides a highly simulated interactive surgical environment simulation;

  • meets medical training, medical device testing assessment, and surgical requirements.


    The vascular system is based on CT and MRI data to reconstruct the real human blood vessel model. The silicone blood vessels are made using 3D printing technology, including the main arterial blood vessels of the human body, intracranial arteries, aorta, left and right renal arteries, brachial artery, radial artery, radial artery, It adopts patented special silica gel raw material and is produced by 3D printing process with independent intellectual property rights. It reproduces the spatial structure and inner diameter of blood vessels in human body, and it is highly biomimetic. The vessel is designed with a modular concept that allows for custom module replacement via a connector connection. Equipped with specially designed joints to connect blood vessels without affecting the smoothness of the inner wall of the blood vessel and the passage of intravascular instruments. The circulation pump is used to fill the blood vessel with a special lubricating fluid to achieve the simulated biomimetic effect. The intracranial intervention includes cerebral aneurysm, cerebral vascular malformation, carotid stenosis, and intracranial artery stenosis. It is used for the presentation of minimally invasive interventional instruments and the practice of simulated surgical operations.


At the meeting, Professor Zhang Peng, the chief physician of the Interventional Radiology Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, conducted on-site operation and obtained satisfactory results. He expressed his affirmation on this product.


This meeting once again proved to the community that the efforts made by Trando 3Din the endovascular intervention. We will continue to improve our technical level and contribute to the promotion of healthy China.