Silicone Vascular---the Promising Product In Medtec 2016

- Nov 01, 2016-

Trandomed 3D Inc got the invitation to attend the leading exhibition for medical device design and manufacturinging (Medtec 2016)  from 26/10 to 28/10 in ShangHai, China. We are honored that our company can stand out from the competition for our abundant technology force, advanced 3D printing techniques and exquisite vascular simulators.


Let me show you some episodes of the exhibition!

When we were still waiting outside the exhibition, the 3d printing silicone vascular has already caught some clients’ eyes. They got the brochures and kept enquiring and photographing. 


During the exhibition, there were some engineers and specialists coming to ask details about the silicone vascular. They all showed great interest in our product with some of them making orders on the spot.


After the exhition,our general manger Mr Gong was invited again to give speech about our product. We get some FAQs from the audience, such as can we customize the product per their need?  How about the hardness of  the model? Can we print other organ models?   Now I must note that for all our products , not mater it is silicone vascular or other organ model, we accept the raw CT and MRI data to customize per your need. 


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