The 11th China Southern Endovascular Congress

- Jul 10, 2017-

The China Southern Endovascular Congress was hold in Hangzhou in 07/07 with almost two thousand professionals in the field of Vascular Surgery gathered to discuss the future development prospects of vascular surgery. 


This forum mainly described how to prevent, diagnose and treat the Peripheral Artery Disease by sharing many brilliant video cases of minimal invasive surgery Focusing on the significant progress in vascular surgery, all the professionals actively explored the difficult and hot point in vascular surgery and discussed how to apply the new surgical skill and therapy.

Our 3d printed silicone vessel and the VIST system from Mentice were displayed in one booth. Their system showed the surgery procedure via the delicate and vivid animation, while our silicone vessel excelled in life-like material and accurate anatomical structure, which provide realistic surgical experiment. Both of them can be used together to improve surgeon’s skill.  Medtronic.Inc and  Johnson&Johnson  is also on the spot and provide us with feedback.  We will continually optimize our product and blaze new trails, so we sincerely expect to cooperate with customers all over the world!


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