The 14th Scientific Meeting Of Chinese Society Of Interventional Radiology

- Jun 20, 2017-

The 14th scientific meeting of Chinese society of interventional radiology (2017CSIR)was launched from 16/06 to 18/06. Specialists and researchers in interventional radiology from USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Singapore, Korea and other districts attended the meeting together.

In recent years, cerebral stroke, mainly the acute ischemic stroke (AIS)has become the major cause attacking people’s health. It features high incidence, high disability rates, high mortality and high recurrence rate.  Although we have various choices for treating, how to timely restore the blood flow and reconstruct  cerebral perfusion is still the main point to early management.

With the growing number of physicians who going for interventional therapy,the demand for reasonable and standard operation has become more and more urgent.

Besides some professional forum,the organizer also set up some training courses, aiming to teaching young physicians how to correctly operate the surgical device and do interventional surgery to reduce the operation time and complication.





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