The 2017 Congress Of Chinese Association Of Interventionalists

On 11th August, the 2017 congress of chinese association of interventionalists themed with “traning and standardizing interventional operation”has been successfully held in Nanjing, china by CMDA. It’s a magnificent gathering for chinese interventionalists.


Several training sessions associated with tumor intervention, peripheral artery intervention, digestive tract intervention and Neural intervention etc have been prepared for primary care physicians and young interventionalists in Invasive Technology Department, Vascular Surgery Department, Neurosurgery Department, Neurology Department and oncology Department.


We are very pleased to display our Neuro Vascular model. They are created based on actual patient MRI and CT scan data, precisely reproducing the structure and dimension of human vascular.  Some doctors showed interest in our model and affirmed its value.  Some medical device manufacturers also enquired about the function of our model, and they want to use it for the device testing.


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