The Chief Physician Of Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University Think Highly Of Silicone Vascular Model

The 3D printed medical model is seen by many hospitals and healthcare companies as the ideal marriage of modern technology and medical simulation. Trandomed 3D Inc develops a series of 3D printed vascular models with strong practicality for surgical demonstration and teaching.

Last week, our company was been invited to display our neuro vascular models in Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University in Beijing. Researchers from Medtronic China were also present. Xuanwu Hospital is one of pioneering base of neurology in China, also a cradle of neurosurgeons and physicians. Medtronic is known as the global leader in healthcare industry, and a long-term partner to our company.

Doctor Hong of Xuanwu Hospital and Ms Lu of Medtronics have personally operated the guide wire and catheter. The devices can smoothly pass through vessel into aneurysms. Doctor Zhang, the chief physicians of Xuanwu Hospital, specializing in  cerebrovascular interventional procedures, spoke highly of our vascular model, he said: "The structure of vascular model is accurate, and its tortuosity is very similar to real vascular. This model is great for young physicians to practice interventional procedure. "

Other doctors competed to operate in vascular models and they also proposed some complicated vascular structures and pathologies they encountered during operation.Trandomed 3D Inc will specially designed some custom vascualr model for Xuanwu Hospital.

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