Implantable & interventional medical device manufacturing & technology conference 2017

Implantable & interventional medical device manufacturing & technology conference 2017 kicked off its first day as promised in 27th July in Suzhou, china.


A lot of three parallel sessions, 30+ hot issues, 250+ industry leaders in medical device manufacturer, material supplier, equipment manufacturers, testing organizations, local government and other associations took part in the conference.  They seek the value of new technology development and explore how to apply the advanced manufacturing craft and material technique to high-quality implant to fulfill the need of doctors and patients.


In the Cardiovascular session, our product was displayed by our partner, Suzhou Medical Implant Mechanics CO. Ltd (MIM), which is a certification agency for medical device, mainly vascular stent and heart valve etc.


Following is the photo of our product---embedded coronary artery model, fabricated with proprietary silicone formulas through a patented 3D printing process.  It reproduces human blood vessel structure with high accuracy and can be used for the catheter guide wire demonstration and operation exercise.   Other products with different pathologies, such as aneurysm and stenosis, are also available for coil placement and stent implantation.


MIM connect it to their heart simulator to provide functional design testing for Pulsatile flow interactions, Deployment accuracy, Sizing, Conformability, Trackability and pushability, Torquability of interventional devices.

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