The Third Annual Meeting Of Shanxi Society For Vascular Surgery

- Jul 18, 2017-

The Trandomed 3d Inc was invited to the third Annual Meeting of Shanxi society for vascular surgery, which was kicked off in Pullman hotel, Taiyuan city on July 13,2017.  This meeting was organized by Shanxi Medical Doctor Association with the theme of promoting the development of vascular surgery by Improving the operation standard and practice.



The organizer invited more than 30 top-level specialists in vascular surgery, interventional diagnosis and other related professions to give academic lectures.  They came together and imparted knowledge about diagnosis and treatment of common angiopathy, mainly as Peripheral Arterial Disease, Carotid stenosis, acute aortic dissection, Aortic aneurysm, Venous Thrombus Embolism, chronic venous insufficiency, Budd-Chiari syndrome, arteriovenous fistula.  These lectures deeply impressed the primary physicians and community doctors in the meeting.

It is a great honor that our product could be displayed in the training course, which was specially held for young physicians to practice the interventional procedure. We displayed the Neuro Vascular modelCoronary Vascular model and the Endovascular Vascular Simulation. They are created based on actual patient MRI and CT scan data, precisely reproducing the structure and dimension of human vascular.  Especially for EVS system, we can equip it with Pump system, which can simulate the pulse and blood circulation and control the blood temperature, pressure, blood flow and other parameters, adding to the realism of the interventional procedure. 

silicone vascular.jpg


Chairman of Department of vascular Surgery, Mr Dong visited our EVS system and gave affirmation, saying it is a perfect tool to demonstrate the interventional operation. We Trandomed team will improve our existing products and develop more surgical simulators to satisfy your needs!

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