Trandomed 3D Attend 2017 China International Advanced Material Exposition

- Dec 19, 2017-


2017 China (Ningbo) international advanced material tech and industry exposition organized by Ningbo government and china mechanical engineering society was successfully hold at Ningbo in 07/12-10/12.

Themed with promoting innovation-driven development, the exposition displayed numerous prospective and innovative new materials. while 3 printing silicone stand outs from metal ceramics and other chemical materials

Silicone is a high-activity porous material with excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical strength and flexibility. As a traditional material, silicone has worked well for hundreds of years. While it is still difficult to be printed by traditional 3d printer via melting process.


Trandomed 3d has achieved technological breakthrough in 3d printing silicone technique and combined it with medicine care. The pictures below are our 3d printed silicone models. The flexible vascular models can be connected with pulsatile pump, which enables realistic endovascular environment. The gastroscope model looks like real human organ and has stomach ulcer and polyps inside of stomach model.


Trandomed 3D can customize patient-specific model with different harness according to their CT/MRI scanning data. It's easy to get a 33d printed model, just send CT data or STL file to us, then we can print and send it to you.

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