Trandomed 3D Attend The 2017 Medica In Dusseldorf

- Nov 22, 2017-

As Europe’s most comprehensive medical trade fair, Medica with its 4 days dedicated to medical products, pharmaceutical products, medical technological products and health care service facilities was held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre.


Acts as a breeding ground of revolutionary ideas in medical care, Medica draws medical professionals from all over the world to exchange working knowledge and ideas on healthcare.


Trandomed team has been dedicated in 3D printing silicone technology for decades of years. This year we displayed Endo Vascular Simulator, 3D printing coronary vascular system and several small testing vessels. Most attention was attracted by EVS simulator, which reproduce human artery system with high precision. Equipped with Precise Pulsatile Pump, EVS can simulate the human artery blood circulation.The 3D printed coronary vascular system was purchased by an agent from Germany.

Trandomed 3D Inc cannot gain sustainable development without client's support. We will try our best to research and develop more medical simulators and provide better service to our clients.

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