Trandomed 3D Provide 3D Printed Neuro Vascular System For Medtronic Training Center

- Jan 18, 2018-

In 16/01/2016, Trandomed 3D has been invited to Medtronic(China) training center in Shanghai with our 3D printed neuro vascular system. We both aim to enhance the standardization of interventional procedure and treatment of clinical vascular disease.


As a global leader in medical technology, service and solution, Medtronic has gained impressive achievement in R&D of medical device technology and product. Previously we customized various silicone vascular model for R&D of neuro interventional device like guidewire, stent and coil. They thought highly of our vascular model.



Trando Team has been dedicated on 3D printing medical model for decade of year and we are the only one who master 3D print silicone technique in China. And silicone medical model is so much than other model in authenticity and practicability. For now, 3D printing silicone vascular model has become a great helper in surgical demonstration and practice and medical device testing.

The utility of 3D print vascular model has been proved again by Trandomed and Medtronic working together. More details, contact us at