Trandomed 3D Provide Vascular Model For Clot-removing Training Class

- Sep 04, 2017-

From 29th to 31st of August, the clot-removing training course was organized by Medtronic Academy and held by Henan International Stroke Institute in Henan Provincial People’s Hospital.  Participants are 30+ specialists in cerebrovascular disease diagnosis and treatment from 10+ provinces.


During the meeting, the senior specialists from Henan provincial people’s hospital unreservedly give instruction in hot spots on cerebrovascular disease treatment, like how to grab kinds of operation techniques, how to treat different types of vascular occlusion and prevent the complications.


The Henan international stroke institute also prepared modern simulator, vascular model and interventional devices for trainees to practice on-site and receive hand guiding from senior doctors.  We, Trandomed 3D have the honor to present our vascular model and endovascular simulator (EVS) as the educational sources. After visiting our EVS simulator, head of cardiovascular surgery department gave credits for them and put forward some improvement suggestions.


Medical technology and therapies have the direct bearing on patients’ health even life, doctors need to continually improve their skills to better serve the patients and give them safe, timely and accurate treatment. Trandomed has been and will always be dedicated to medical 3D printing technology innovation and personalized medical product development.

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